“Fragile” Dancer Schools it on World of Dance

So You Thing You Can Dance? winner Fik-Shun schooled his dance cover of “Fragile” (Besnine Remix) on World of Dance. If you took the DNA of Micheal Jackson and Pacalika then made yourself a baby, this is what he would grow up to be. The jerky pop and lock style mixed with smooth, flowing dance moves makes this routine perfectly suited for Tech N9ne. The way he moves with the intricate musical styling of Tech makes you appreciate the song even more than before. This ninja definitely proved he can dance.

Now, you may have seen other dancers express the rhythmic art of Tech N9ne. So You Think You Can Dance? alumni Phillip Chbeeb danced to “Over It” on the show. In fact, Tech’s music is perfect for dancing to for anybody. It’s hard hitting beats really get your ass to shaking. But, what you are about to witness is much more than tapping your foot to the beat. It’s a whole interpretation of the song. Watch closely and see how Fik-Shun is attuned to the music. Technicians everywhere will see that, yes, this guy is not just dancing to a song but is expressing an experience felt every time he hears that piece! If you look closely you’ll see he is not only dancing but also silently singing along. It’s no wonder considering the song’s content. Any artist with a real passion for their art identifies with “Fragile” no matter what version you listen to. So, witness the amazing interpretive dance to “Fragile”  and tell us what you think below.

Fik-Shun Dances to “Fragile” (Besnine Remix)

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