Freek Show video recaps the 15th Anniversary

Freek Show video

Freek Show video

Hey Fam!  MizzMonoxide shared the Twiztid Freek Show 15TH Anniversary Video Recap Electric Factory Philadelphia earlier with TJF’s Facebook page.  The Freek Show video is below in the article, once again, but here’s a little bit about the video.

We Don’t Die by Twiztid is playing throughout the Freek Show video.


It has been 15 years now since “Freek Show” first came out.  Now, Twiztid performs the 15th Anniversary Freek Show show.  On an earlier article, Fam could purchase the pre-order of the album from the Twiztid Shop and view an official video of A Place in the Woods.

From the video, you can tell that the crowd went insane for the Anniversary.  MMFWCL is flowing in that audience.  Check it out.


Enjoy the video and comment below what you think!






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