Fun Fun Fun Fest Taco Cannon At This Years Festival!

Fun Fun Fun Fest

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Fun Fun Fun Fest will be busting out the Taco Cannon at this years festival! If you were wanting to a reason to go out to Fun Fun Fun Fest? Well, look no further! I mean who WOULDN’T want to be around a taco cannon?! I sure the hell don’t want to miss that!

Fun Fun Fun Fest (often abbreviated as “FFF” or “F3F”) is an annual music and comedy festival held in Austin, Texas. The festival is the only genre based festival in the United States, featuring stages that focus specifically on hip-hop / electronica, indie rock, punk/ metal, and comedy.

Started in 2006, the festival focuses on a combination of discovering emerging talent, putting together either rarely seen or anticipated reunion performances. Being based in Austin (The Live Music Capital of the World), FFF has the unique ability to work with new musicians that have yet to experience the national stage. The festival has a history of unearthing new artists that eventually end up in the mainstream music and festival markets.

Fun Fun Fun Fest is also known for its dedication to the unique Austin culture, featuring street food from some of Austin’s favorite eateries, an annual American Poster Institute poster show featuring work from artists all over the U.S., along with pop up vintage fashion shops and record stores. The Festival has also been known to have everything from a mechanical bull to a live wrestling ring featuring Sexy Sax Man on site.

Graham Williams and Ian Orth from Fun Fun Fun Fest share one of their star attractions, a machine that fires t-shirt-wrapped tacos into the air. The taco artillery will be at the fest Nov. 6 – 8 in Austin, Tx.