Funk Volume Don’t Funk Up Our Beats 7 Winners Announced

Funk Volume

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Funk Volume releases the winners of Don’t Funk Up Our Beats 7. The Winners are:

The first place winner is Trippz Michaud, who is recognized for his video “Polarity.” 

Devon Beck wins second place for his “100 $eeds” clip.

The third-place winner is DR3W for his “Let’s Work” video. 


They were chosen out of the Top 27 finalists for Funk Volume’s “Don’t Funk Up Our Beats” contest. Check out the Top 27 finalists videos that was submitted for the contest.

The finalists are below (in no particular order)
Click each artist’s name to view submission:

VI Seconds (Brooklyn, NY)
Indie Tribe (Nashville, TN)
Hashu (Lewis Center, OH)
Devon Beck (Maryland)
Drama B (Bronx, NY)
Flawless (Providence, RI)
DR3W (Philadelphia, PA)
Trippz Michaud (Zeltron)
Cryptic Wisdom (Tucson, AZ)
JZAC (New Hampshire)
Marion Write (Las Vegas, NV)
Nephew (Los Angeles, CA)
Vincent The Owl (Jersey City, NJ)
Toxsikk (Los Angeles, CA)
J.B. Da-1 (Oklahoma City, OK)
Rook Deeds (Lubbock, TX)
Sleep The Fraternity (Cincinnati, OH)
Logic One (Indianapolis, IN)
Kyle Bent (Randolph, MA)
Lil’O (Vineland, NJ)
Peter Piffen (Providence, RI)
Jaydakidd (Modesto, CA)
J.Rob The Chief (Phoenix, AZ)
I-Khan (Virginia)
Lala Mann (Los Angeles, CA)
WesDiz (Seattle, WA)