Funk Volume Drama?Funk Volume Drama

Is there Funk Volume drama going on?  Is Hopsin trolling again?  After the Australia incident, it’s kind of hard to give Hop the benefit of the doubt.  We do know this for sure, whether it’s fake or not, some kind of laundry is getting aired on Hopsin’s social media accounts right now.  Peep it all below and give us your thoughts.  Is this Funk Volume drama, or Funk Volume trollin’?

Here is where former Strange Music artist Kutt Calhoun chimes in with his opinion.

Hopsin finishes with this last comment.


Now that it’s all been laid before you ninjas, what do yall think?  Is this some drama, or just some trollin?

Here is my personal thoughts(NaptownMike):  If it’s trollin’ than you’re a fool for buying into it.  “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.  That being said if there is legit drama going on with Funk Volume at the moment, isn’t it kinda childish to air the shit out online as it’s happening?  Is Hopsin really going to leave the brand he created?  If someone isn’t pulling their weight, fire em.  Get rid of em.  I don’t get into the drama bs that goes on in the industry on a daily basis.  It’s really none of mine or our business.  All I know is I care about the music they came out.  I’m going to let this crap pass and look forward to the next album.  If the beef is legit, then I can’t wait for the diss tracks to start coming out.  NaptownMike’s final verdict?  This is Funk Volume Bullshit.