HOT 97 Funk Volume Freestyle

Last week Hopsin recently did a freestyle on HOT.97  HOTBOX radio Cypher with Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton. The Three of them are showing off their skills for the $500k rap battle contest that Funk Volume has put out recently to ANY label who wants to step up to become the rap battle champs. It was a two round freestyle.

First one up was Dizzy WrightHe was doing alright then he lost his train of thought but still went through with all and ended it with a clear head.

Second one up was Jarren Brenton. He powered through the flows and rhymes with absolutely no flaws whatsoever. So in that case he was flawless.

Third and last was Hopsin. He could only spit out one rhyme then choked after it. And completely gave up.

Second round came through it was in the same order. This time Dizzy was flawless he pulled through with not a single issue. Jarren Brenton once again flawless even more striking than the first.

 Lastly Hop was up again. It was a train wreck. He spit out two words choked and gave up! They decided to add in a bonus round but it was up to Dizzy Wright and Hopsin to give it their all.

Dizzy had no problems. He was all hyped up. He was rocking the mic he couldn’t be stopped. Hop came back up once again he choked saying he was done.

Dizzy went again once more, adding more fire he was spitting.

Hop decided to try again at the last-minute, Literally. Grabbed the mic and he stepped his game up. Spit a shit load power he was on top of his game once again! After all that I hope that Hop is really up for the challenge that he put out, with that much cash!