G-Mo Skee free single at gotj 2017

What up ninjas first of all I am glad to have heard the news about G-Mo Skee being signed to MNE dudes dope so congratulations to him but what is even doper is that he will be giving away free singles of his first single at the 17th gotj!!!!! so if yall lucky ass ninjas who were able to make it to the gathering this year happen to see the Majik ninja crew word is their handing it out like crazy it’s also been stated that G-Mo Skee has all his old albums for sale for $5 each! so if you’re looking to get into a new artist or if you’re a fan of his and looking to complete your collection go pick his albums up! and for those of you who might have not heard of him here is his first video from Majik Ninja ent!



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