Despite numerous setbacks, the Gambit movie may ultimately be on track to start production…just not within the pressing future. At least according to X-Men producer Simon Kinberg.

Via Comic Book ResourcesThat Hashtag Show caught up with Kinberg at the Saturn Awards, and he was forthcoming about what’s currently happening with Gambit.

“We have a great script on that and hope to shoot that movie at the beginning of spring of next year,” said Kinberg.

Earlier in the year, Kinberg remarked that the most recent delay for the movie because they wanted the script to be perfect.

As of now, Doug Liman is set to direct Gambit, although he is currently working on  Mena, a crime drama starring Tom Cruise. Channing Tatum will play the Cajun card-tosser, but it’s unclear if Léa Seydoux is still slated to portray Bella Donna Boudreaux, Gambit’s first love. Some earlier statements have hinted that Liman wanted to recast the film, aside from Gambit of course.

Even among the X-Men, Gambit’s origin stands out as one of the more convoluted backstories, and it would take a substantial amount of work to streamline it for theaters. The presence of Bella Donna in the last iteration of the script suggests that at least some elements from the comic version will remain in the story.

Gambit doesn’t have an official release date just yet, but Fox has mapped out two dates for its X-Men related films in 2018: March 2 and June 29. It’s possible that Gambit could be placed on one of those dates.