The Dark Carnival Goes Into The Echoside!!!


Into The Echoside

Released alongside Violent J’s article Jumpsteady had his own filled with more freshness for the Fam. The article talked about a brand new card game being brought to you by the heads over at Psychopathic Records. He talked about how being an avid gamer as a kid, playing Dungeons and Dragons and something I’m quite familiar with, pokemon. Having played these types of card games and with the help of his friend Louis Simpson they have created “Into The Echoside.”

Just a quick recap about the “Into The Echoside” game and how to play. It will be for kids 13 and up and require 2-4 players to play. This is what most would call a deck building game, however unlike some games this will include all aspect needed to play including the board, dice and rule-books and cards!  The cards are broken up into classes and include many different characters that we all will recognize, The Riddle Box, Rude Boy, DJ Clay, Psychopathic Rydas, Whitney Peyton, Kottonmouth Kings, Boondox, Jamie Madrox and many more. These characters will all have the opportunity to gain powers given to them by other characters.

Into The EchosideHow much and how can you get it? Well you will have to wait a little while before picking up the game. Into The Echoside will be released at the muthafucking Gathering! One more exciting part to an already jam-packed event. They will have a tent set up as well, so you can try your hand at the game. According to the article the game will retail for $40-$45. If you want to keep tabs on the development of the game check out They will also have a 3 card promo pack, that is exclusively given when you purchase the game at the gathering.

So from what it sounds like is this is going to be the next big thing in card games for all of our gamers out there. Not only did Jumpsteady rave about the work put into the game he also talked about his own experience in play testing the game. Just like in most of these card games they require concentration and strategy in order to win, or in some cased support your teammate. To get all the details head over HERE to read the whole article.


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