gary clark jr visit Tech N9ne

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Just Hanging Out or Collaboration in the Works?

Tech N9ne shared on Instagram the pic above and a short video below of him and Gary Clark Jr. chilling together and drinking it up. It seems the world renowned guitarist paid Tech a visit while in between shows on this current tour.  The video which is apparently filmed by Tech is of Gary playing guitar.

Gary, an Austin native, has gained quite a following by meshing blues, rock and roll, and even hip hop. He has been developing his music and following since teenhood playing in the clubs of Austin. Now he has fans all over in high and low places. One such fan is Tech N9ne.

Both artists are genre benders and makers. Taking from their many music interests to create something of their own. Their styles are quite different but would be an amazing collaboration. There is no talk of a collab just yet but let’s just hope this little visit has opened the door to one.


@Garyclarkjr is a MONSTER! Such a wonderful moment!

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