How To Gather At The Gathering Like A Boss!


Finally going down next month will be the glorious Gathering Of The Juggalos 17! I know it’s hard to believe that the four days we all look forward to the most are already almost here, especially after such a long wait. However, once we’re all together again for the greatest family reunion known to mankind, it’ll be like the fun never ended. That being said, since every year brings old and new gatherers alike, we here at True Juggalo Family have decided that ya’ll deserve what I suppose could be considered a Gathering Survival Guide. In other words, how to gather like a boss! So let’s get started.

First off, while the Gathering is set to go down in the middle of July, you can never be too careful when it comes to unpredictable weather. That being said, the first piece of advice we can offer you is this: be prepared for¬†cold nights and rain. While it is definitely recommended to pack lightly for the Gathering, you should also bring something like a light sweatshirt or warm blanket. After all, do you really want to be stuck freezing all night? We don’t think so, so bringing one of such items is really only common sense.

Second and definitely one of the most important aspects of surviving the Gathering is to bring your own water, and lots of it! Purchasing a single water bottle will cost you about $2, and trust us, you do not want to constantly be blowing your funds on bottles of water. The cost adds up quickly and no one wants to find themselves low on cash.

A third piece of advice is also among the most important factors of having a good time while with the Family. While there are offered showers, the lines can get long and the facilities for said showers become disgusting after so much usage. That being said, we suggest that you bring baby wipes or some other form of cleanliness supplies that are much easier than waiting for a shower. Of course, if you do opt for the showers, do yourself a huge favor and bring flip-flops to wear while inside!

As far as food goes, it is a very smart idea to bring your own. Don’t bring too much, but just enough to where you won’t starve or have to buy from vendors. Again, the cost adds up very quickly. Add to that, with all of the fun and excitement going on, you probably won’t find yourself as hungry as you think. However, do not leave out eating altogether. That is never a good idea, but especially when you’re going to be in the sun all day, surrounded by sweaty ninjas in face paint. You’re going to want to keep your energy up, and save some funds at the same time.

If you burn easily and even if you don’t, brings lots and lots of sunscreen! Once again, you will be in the sun A LOT. Therefore, you don’t want to get caught in the sun for too long and get sun poisoning. On the flip side of that, if you do happen to get a little burnt even with sunscreen, bring some aloe or other sunburn treatments. You’ll be absolutely miserable otherwise. Of course, another important protectant to have is bug spray. Kill off mosquitoes and other insects before they have the chance to make you miserably itchy for the whole four days.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, ie. sneakers. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, including over hills and on gravel and various other harsh elements. It’s better to have your feet be a little sweaty than in pain.

Meet as many of your favorite artists as possible! Yes, the autograph lines are long, but once you finally make your way to the front, all of the waiting will be worth it. Getting to kick it with ICP or Twiztid, even if only for a minute, will be awesome. On a side note, though, try not to have too many things to sign. There are ninjas behind you whose time may get cut off by or a lot or completely. Unfortunately, staff sometimes has to tell everyone to leave because the artists have been sitting at a table signing for hours on end and need a break. So in other words, be considerate to your fellow Fam and the artists.

Attend as many of the sets as possible, even if you don’t know the artists or bands. You may just discover a new favorite! Plus, getting to see acts such as Dark Lotus and what is sure to be the absolutely devastating performance of Wizard Of The Hood are just part of what makes the Gathering so great.

If you ever do find yourself in need of supplies and are already low on funds, do not hesitate to visit our affiliates, Scrub Care Unit. They are there to provide us juggalos with essential items, simply out of the kindness of their hearts. Make sure you find out where their set-up is.

Lastly, make connections! Get to know your campsite neighbors, talk to other ninjas in autograph tent lines and before sets…just put yourselves out there. We’re family, after all. We look out for each other and who knows? You could easily create lifelong friendships.

So, there you have it, juggalos! These are our tips for how to gather at the Gathering like a boss! See ya’ll next month, Fam. Whoop Whoop!

Gathering 17

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