Gathering 17 Infomercial Premieres TOMORROW!!!!

Gathering 17

I think it’s fair to say that juggalos everywhere have been looking forward to the Gathering 17 infomercial since the end of Gathering 16. While it’s been a long and anxious wait, time is slowly ticking in our favor. Tomorrow, May 23rd, the official infomercial for Gathering Of The Juggalos 17 will finally make its’ arrival!!! At noon Eastern Standard Time, be on the look out for what is sure to be the most wig-splitting video of the year on the official Insane Clown Posse website, the official Gathering website, or the Psychopathic Records YouTube channel. No matter where you watch it, just be sure to log the time into whatever device you want so that you do NOT miss it! As always, though, we here at True Juggalo Family will have the infomercial ready for your extreme viewing pleasure! Until then, once again feel free to enjoy the Gathering 17 promo…

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