gathering 17

This is no Music Festival! It’s a Family Reunion!

Gathering 17 was definitely one of epic proportions. The attendance was out of this world. I haven’t seen that many Juggalos since the 12th Gathering and I think this one had a lot more ninjas. The Family Reunion was big, but it was overall a great experience. No fatalities and no major mishaps. It was a successful Gathering one could only expect for the 17th.

All the extra ninjas did cause some staleness. Not majorly and, of course, being a family it didn’t get out of hand like other festivals of that great of attendance. But Dark Lotus on the Carousel stage was way over crowded. I was disappointed that they weren’t main stage this year. The crowd for the main stage was insane too though. You had people crowded up all the way to the food trucks and beyond. You couldn’t tell if people were in line for a ride or just checking out the show. It wasn’t as near as tight last year.

The real staleness was ninjas throwing bottles full of trash and just nasty shit. I even hear some were full of actual shit. It’s expected that Juggalos will throw shit and you got to keep an eye out for flying Faygo bottles and beer cans. But getting hit with a shit bottle is just NOT cool! During ICP I was back in front of the sound booth and I got hit right in the kidney with a full square plastic container of mustard. I was like who the fuck throws mustard? Honestly! Next year let’s keep it to empty Faygo bottles and beer cans family.

Overall, it was great seeing all those ninjas. It just goes to show we are a Family. Any other festival would have all kinds of fights and shit going down. But not Juggalos!

The Juggalos Have a Mind of Their Own

No matter what Psychopathic has planned, the Juggalos have their own ideas for the Gathering. The 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos was dubbed by the Juggalos the “Year of the Buttholes”. You couldn’t go out and get a Stoner Bowl without being offered to see or asked to reveal your butthole. Not to mention it was this year’s perverse request at events. I even saw some ninjas selling “#YearoftheButthole” shirts. I also got quite a few Lo’s offering me to grope their tits which I had to decline being as I didn’t want anything to do with their man boobs.

New Psychopathic Artist

Psychopathic revealed a new artist. The first female artist (besides that one who never produced an album) to be signed or really more like created by Psychopathic Records. Blahzay Rose wasn’t seen at the Gathering as far as I know but her video was revealed on the main stage and a special GOTJ 17 copy of her EP dubbed Broken was given away at the ICP seminar. Some ninjas were totally down with this artist as soon as she was revealed. I saw a few ninjas rocking her merch the day after her video was shown.

The ICP seminar started out with talk of this new artist. But as Violent J said a lot of Juggalos don’t want to just hop on new artist. A majority of the family are hesitant to start jamming someone totally new and different. I am more on the slowly see where this shit goes side. To me, she seems very emo-ish. But Violent J said in the seminar he likes her because she portrays the victim side of life which is very freaking emo. I’ll give her a chance but I don’t see her as becoming one of my favorites. We’ll see.

Tarot Readings for the Family

gathering 17 bizarro world

I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights from Midnight to 4am or so in Bizarro World. You see I’m a tarot reader. This is the second year I have read for the Family at the Dark Carnival Tarot Tent in Bizarro World. Bizarro World also features RIFT and their fiery freak show. There was some guest appearances as well from talented Juggalos and Juggelettes showing off their fire breathing and dancing. RIFT put on a great show. I loved watching them as I managed the line for tarot readings.

I just love reading for the Family. It’s really one of the few chances I get to read for other people in person. It’s especially dope that it’s for my Juggalo Family. I would just like to thank everyone who came out and got a reading. It was a pleasure to read for you all and get to know my Family a little better.

Fuck the Heat!

Now, for another bit of staleness. It was tooooo damn hot! It’s been hot every freaking year it’s been in the Midwest. I am very stoked that it will be a Colorado Gathering next year. One, because it’s a lot closer to me here in Texas. Second, it’s not quite so hot. But be ready for some hella cold nights! The heat sucks balls because it makes me tired at night when all the good shit it going on. I was fighting sleep off the first couple night during the main stage acts. But I still rocked out to Rittz and Tech N9ne. I ended up too far over to get the full effect of Wizard of the Hood. Which sucks because it was one of the main events I came for. I still gathered my ass off despite the heat and that’s what matters.


I got all up in the pit for Twiztid. Twiztid is my shit now! It’s always a highlight of every Gathering to see the Demented Duo up on stage. This year Jamie shared his fear of Porta Potties and Monoxide munched on some nachos in between dope performances. They started the show off with Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha which is a great show opener. They use that track a lot to open shows. It really seemed like half the songs they did was from WICKED.

They, of course, tossed a few gigantic beach balls (I got to find out where they get those!) to the crowd. I was shorter than the rest of the people around me so every time it came my way the ninjas around me punched it away while I didn’t even touch it. I did help push up a couple crowd surfing ninjas, though. Overall, the Twiztid set was hilarious and fucking rocking as usual.

I-C-P, I-C-P, I-C-P

The ICP show is always dope as fuck! They always outdo themselves for the finale too. This year was confetti cannons shooting white confetti from the sound tent. I was right in front of one and it was like snow all piling up on the chairs and what not. The only thing that sucked was I didn’t get my Faygo shower. But I guess I got a confetti shower instead. The show was still magical despite the lack of Faygo to my dome. When the last song started, “Thy Unveiling” is was just pure Dark Carnival magic. The crowd got super hyped. Ninjas started running for the stage and I just saw all around me Juggalos with pure joy and excitement on their faces. It was a magical moment for the family and the best ending to the 17th Gathering you could imagine.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

gathering 17

A lot of people carry around signs at the Gathering. They’re usually hustling drugs or alcohol. Well, my daughter, who is a Gathering vet, sports a College Fund cardboard sign. It’s something she is very proud of. She plans to save that money up and use it wisely towards her education. She walked the Gathering last year with it and again this year. It’s going to be one hell of a fund by the time she gets to college as she is entering Middle School this year.

The Kiddos are Part of the Family Too!

gathering 17

I saw quite a few kids this year. One of which was a very young baby in a stroller. But the kids seemed to be mostly around my daughter’s age which is Violent JJ’s age also. I think since big Violent J has started to bring his son other Juggalos are all about bring theirs also. I know some people are absolutely against it. But everyone raises their kids differently. The streets of Dallas are a lot harsher than the Gathering. I can tell you that for sure. Really the Gathering isn’t as scary as outsiders say it is. Remember, everyone has a totally different experience. Some more drug induced. Some have a naughty, dirty good time. Then there are those who have a fairly clean good time just enjoying the high of the carnival rides, music, and fun events. To each their own. It’s the freedom of the Gathering.

Do You Even Gather?

Speaking of a drug-induced time. I didn’t partake in any recreational drugs while Gathering. It was just weed and dabs for me. The high of being with the Family was good enough for me. I took a solemn moment this Gathering and just looked at all the glory that was “The Juggalos”. We are a beautiful people. Not in the glamorous model outward beauty but the inner shining beauty. People are able to be themselves there and it shines through. Everyone is so unique and on a level they are not on at home in their day to day lives. It just gave me a wonderful feeling. To be a part of Gathering 17 was quite awe inspiring. Thank you all who Gathered with me. We Gathered because we matter! If you weren’t there I hope you make it next year. It’s one hell of a fresh time.

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