July 1, in HipHop History, features some of the most renowned albums dropped in the history of rap.  I wonder if J and Shaggy imagined (back in 1990-1991) that one day, these guys would eventually become be Gathering Alumni:

Ice Cube – July 1st, 1990:

 This was Ice Cubes first album after leaving NWA, the powerhouse group that will always be seen as pioneers of the industry.  Kill At Will, released on this day in history, in 1990.

Digital Underground – July 1st 1991:

This Is An EP Release

Mentioned not only for the fact that they’re Gathering Alumni, but also because this was the first time the world heard Tupac’s (Tupac Amaru Shakur) voice, on “Same Song:”

Geto Boys – July 1st 1991:

Featuring Bushwick Bill’s (self-inflicted) gunshot wound to his eye-piece, this album is an all-time favorite for old rap enthusiasts across the globe. “Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me” was probably the most known song from this album and if you jammed it back in the day, you probably crack a grin thinkin’ about those days.



Ice Cube, Digital Underground, and Geto Boys –  All monumental albums dropped July 1st, this day in HipHop history.  Which was your favorite?