Stanton Brasher’s Survived Day 3




Stanton Brasher, reporter for the Dallas Observer, has survived his third day of the Gathering of the Juggalos.  In his article, “Gathering of the Juggalos Day 3: Jesus, Fake Blood, Ninja Medics,” he details the beginning of his day with meeting up with Naptown Mike and Menace.  They then swung by JCW.  Brasher learned that JCW stands for “Juggalo Championshit Wrestling.”

While Naptown Mike and Menace were busy with “cute” wrestlers, Brasher left to join Big Hoodoo at his seminar which was really a session to smoke joints with the crowd.  Brasher was not one to smoke though.  Hoodoo talked about his future music, what inspires him, and ICP.  Along with this, Brasher finds out Big Hoodoo is cousins with Awesome Dre.  Awesome Dre is a images (1)rapper in the music group, Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Committee.

On his way to the main stage festivities, Brasher visited the “unofficial drug bridge,” an area where drugs like LSD and weed are sold.  There was an actual bridge called the Drug Bridge, but since the Gathering of the Juggalos moved to Ohio, there was no physical bridge anymore.  Here, at the Unofficial Drug Bridge, Brasher met a kid looking to score opium, and after Brasher told him he was the press, the kid ran away.

“I guess his mom reads the newspaper.”

Puddle of Mudd was the first on the main stage to perform.  Brasher thought they would have some havoc from hearing “Kurt Cobain is about to play.  Oh wait, that’s Puddle of Shit,” yelled in the crowd, but he was surprised to find the audience having a blast by the time Puddle of Mudd ended their set with “She Fuckin’ Hates Me.”

The rest of the night consisted of Naptown Mike taking pictures of a topless woman withmaxresdefault (1) D size breasts on the G-Force ride and Flosstradamus on stage before Dark Lotus performed.  By then, every Juggalo and Juggalette was surrounding the stage, allowing Brasher to leave a little early and catch a “much needed shower.”

Overall, here are the things he’s learned about the Gathering of the Juggalos: Day 3:

  1. There are actually emergency medics out here. Sure, they hide in the shadows like ninjas, but when one is needed, they jump into action. Before Dark Lotus played, I saw a man who passed out due to heat and/or partying. He was trying to make it to a porta-potty, which didn’t quite happen. Within minutes, a medic cart pulled into the area and got him out of there.

  2. Jesus loves Juggalos. As I was waiting for the Puddle of Mudd show to start, I witnessed one of many pot deals. Only this time, it was with a girl who couldn’t be a day over 19 and her shirt declared that she was a Juggalo for Christ.

  3. More than just Faygo is getting sprayed around here. Two topless girls took a kiddie pool and charged people a dollar to pelt them with the water balloons filled with fake blood. One of them, who happened to be outrageously cute, was on her knees begging passerbys to participate.