Get a BANGING body with BangFit by PornHub

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Hello True Juggalo Family!

Let’s get physical! Finally, fitness is FUN! And even hotter with TWO! PornHub just launched a new series called BangFit- video game that will help you achieve the best workout….in bed! Sexercising with BangFit will help you burn fat, calories and also rev up your sex life. Reminder, this site is aimed for 18 and up. 🙂

First, you will need to download the app BangFit.

Then select how many players: 1, 2 or 3.

You will then turn the app on your phone and you computer, strap on your phone to your waist, and take it to pound town! Think of it more like Rockband, where you match the game and sync your movements. It will tell you the final score and how much calories you and your partner have burned and your overall ranking score as a sex god! You can even post to show off to your friends on social media platforms!

This game is currently in beta mode, but will soon be launched live. Below is the infomercial which is worth the watch!

Good Luck and Good Scoring! XXX

\m/ I ROCK, You ROCK, Together, WE ROCK! \m/

~ MzHollyw00d

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