Geto Boys on Pirate Radio!

Pirate Radio

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Pirate radio station in Ohio had played Geto Boys on constant loop. The residents that live in the West Price Hill were not pleased at all. The Pirate Radio station played, “Mind’s Playin’ Tricks on Me” or “Damn it Feels Good To Be A Gangsta.” Yet some residents that tuned into the Pirate Radio station, contacted FCC and made a report. Honestly if it happened here in Dallas, I would be turning it up and jammin’. The Pirated Radio station was 87.9 FM‘s signal and played nothing but Geto Boys uncut, and commercial free. Even a local Hip-Hop artist Llyas Nashid was puzzled as to the motivation of the Pirate Radio Station. Peep out the News clip of the incident that occurred in Ohio and how upset everyone was over the Looping Geto Boys. People stated that they have stumbled on the station. People were even more upset because children tune into it and others think that children will be effected.




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