talking pulp fiction action figure Butch

Butch and Jules Can be Yours With One Simple Email

Fangoria is currently hosting weekly giveaways with partners Entertainment Earth. This week they are giving away two sick ass action figures from the cult classic film Pulp Fiction. (One of my favorite motherfucking movies!) The two action figures are of characters Butch Coolidge played by Bruce Willis and Jules Winnfield played by Samuel L. Jackson. These figures are 13 inches tall and each speak 11 different explict pharses straight from the movie. And yes! The Jules action figure is programmed with the famous, highly-memed line, “English, mother f***er, do you speak it?”  Read the full details about the Butch and Jules action figures on the Enterainment Earth website by clicking on their hyperlinked names.

The giveaway is super simple to enter. All  you have to do is email with the subject line “Entertainment Earth: PULP” and provide your name, address, and age. There is, of course, certain stipulations to the giveaway. You can read up  on all that on the Fangoria website since they are the one hosting it and all.

These talking action figures are 50 bucks a piece and dope as shit. Entertainment Earth is being super cool by collaborating with Fangoria to give them away to one lucky badass motherfucker! I plan on entering myself as a huge fan of Pulp Fiction. So, what are you waiting for? Get to emailing. You only have until Monday, August 8th to enter.

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