Glenn Rhee is not dead!Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee is not dead!  Whoop whoop!  What every TWD fan had been waiting for was revealed this past Sunday on November 22nd.

A few weeks ago, zombies had surrounded Nicholas and Glenn, and then Nicholas took his life and fell on top of Glenn.  This lead to both of them on the ground as walkers began to feast.  It was questionable whether he would survive or not.  Most fans denied his death, and were right.  Glenn pulled himself under the dumpster, killed off any zombies trying to reach him underneath, and then waited out for the rest to disperse.  This lead him to survive and then reach Enid to bring her back to Alexandria.

However, at the end of the episode, the tower, which had been foreshadowed throughout the episode as falling to pieces, fell on top of the wall.  Some speculation of what will happen next week has come up.  Some think that a ton of zombies will enter Alexandria now.  Others feel that the tower will continue to block the entrance.  However, a preview into next weeks episode shows many zombies entering Alexandria from the collapse of the tower.

The questions are popping up.  Will Glenn Rhee get to see his pregnant wife Maggie, if not for a little bit?  Will the cast survive this new terror in their midst of a bunch of zombies entering Alexandria?  Will Enid be reunited with her friends and not run once again?  So many questions, so little time left in this season.

Especially since November 29th’s episode is the Mid-season Finale.  You do not want to miss this one fam.


Check out this promo for Episode 8, “Start to Finish.”


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