Good Samaritan Award in honor of Thomas L. CottinghamThomas L. Cottingham Good Samaritan Award

In mid-September, Thomas L. Cottingham was stabbed to death for protecting a 21-year-old woman and her 6 month child.  To the Juggalo world, he was known as Cannibal, and had out-rapped other contestants during the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos.

Earlier this month, on Novemebr 14th, Wilmington Mayor Dennis P. Williams had a ceremony to place a new bench in Rodney Square in dedication to Mr. Cottingham and his heroism.

Yesterday, on Thanksgiving Eve, Mayor Williams revealed to the public about the Thomas L. Cottingham Good Samaritan Award.  During the 2016 City of Wilmington Awards, this new award will be presented among others.

“There is no greater sacrifice than to give up one’s life to save another,” said Mayor Williams.

Mr. Cottingham was stabbed to death by Calvin Hooker III who faced trial back on September 24th.  It was said that Mr. Hooker was on drugs and that the young mother immediately knew something was wrong with Mr. Hooker upon meeting him.  Mr. Hooker repeatedly stabbed Thomas L. Cottingham by the neck, back, and torso.

Today, being Thanksgiving, all his friends and family, and especially the young mother and child, give thanks to Mr. Cottingham for saving the lives of others and having “a heart of gold.”

This Good Samaritan Award will be placed among other awards that are for Wilmington citizens whom have outstanding accomplishments for their beloved city.

“The award recipients exemplify excellence in a multitude of areas including the arts, community service, faith, civil rights activism, and now, being a Good Samaritan.” wrote an article with the quotes above.  Check it out for more.



Happy Thanksgiving fam and thank you Mr. Cottingham for your heroism.


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