GOTJ 2016 Dates And Location Announced!

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GOTJ 2016 News!

Dates and location for the 17th Gathering Of The Juggalos have been announced, along with reveals for solo albums from both J and Shaggy! All this freshness has been jam packed into the booklet for The Phantom EPExtra Spooky Edition. 

So, diving into that super fresh fuckin family shit – the details for GOTJ 2016 are beginning to slowly trickle out to all of us who are cringing in pain waiting for them. (Drum roll please)!

The Super Fuckin Special 17th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos will be held from July 20th – 23rd 2016. Speculations that we will be taking up home in Ohio again were spot on – GOTJ will be parked once again at the gracious Legend Valley venue in Thornville, Ohio.

This year promises to be fuckin amazing, but then again what year doesn’t? But the 17th invites the homies (From J and Shaggs to Jumpsteady and J-Webb to EVERY FUCKIN AMAZING PERSON WHO PUTS EFFORT INTO THIS CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE!!) to bring the shit harder than ever and rep for that lucky 17!


Now, homies, we’ve been stoppin’ the waggons at Legend Valley for a couple years. With this dope news of initial confirmation for the deets – we thought we’d take a moment to address a couple things with you guys. Some of you ass holes won’t listen and to you we salute that you give no fucks. The rest who take a moment to consider the following – we thank you from the deepest darkest coldest little spot in our hearts!

Don’t Throw Rocks!

Cause they’re everywhere and there are soooo many fuckin rocks if you pick one up and throw it it may never find it’s way back home.

Don’t steal shit

Seriously that’s more of a friendly heads up for your own good. If you go in on some rank ass shit like that you just better stay away from GOTJ.

Don’t Throw The Fuckin Rocks!!

Cause seriously, what if you fuckin hit some lil’ kid in the fuckin head??? Ever heard of that one hit homicide shit, ninja? Not family shit, not cool.


That shit just can’t be stressed enough. Throw the fuckin’ chicken instead!

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