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When you’re doing your Gathering Of The Juggalos preparations it’s always important to keep the weather in mind.  Bad weather can always ruin a good experience no matter where it’s at.  So with that in mind lets take a look at the Gathering Of The Juggalos forecast via TWC.



I’ve updated the forecast for everybody.  It does look like those at the parking lot party are still gonna see some rain tonight and tomorrow morning.  We are going to see some rain chances Sunday.  Don’t be surprised if those chances raise as we get closer to the weekend.

All very good news.  It looks like we are gonna have comfortable weather for the entire length of the Gathering.  Still, I would pack the rain gear, I live in the Midwest and can tell ya from experience, you never know what can chance at a moments notice.  This is your unoffficial True Juggalo Family reading from and giving you the details weather forcast.