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Grinder Plan

So you’ve got the music gig down to an art and it’s time to show your skills!  Our Grinder Plan usually fits artists who’ve been in the game long enough to know a good deal when they see one.  Let us help you promote your name, today!.

One Week

Basic grinder plan
  • Official Press Release written and released for your single or album.
  • Social media blast 5 times a week during primetime hours (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram).
  • Article review of album along with embedding of audio player( Soundcloud, etc.) or YouTube video.
  • Written Interview to be showcased on TJF site.
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Full Month

25% weekly savings
  • Same as two-week package, plus:
  • Priority ad placement over weekly and bi-weekly customers.
  • Revolving/recurring monthly campaigns qualify for future discounts.
  • Our best Ballin’ On A Budget value at 25% weekly savings!!!
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Promotional Policies

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Ballin’ On A Budget

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my campaign to being?

Your campaign will begin as soon as we have an open position for it.  If you’re a yearly or lifetime sponsor, your campaign will be activated upon payment.

Will I be able to see my statistics?

Yes.  We have the ability to track clicks and are more than happy to share these insights with you.  Please specify your desire to review your statistics when the campaign ends when you place your order.

What about TJF staff clicking on my campaign?

Our administrative capabilities allow us to block all staff members clicks from counting toward campaign statistics.  We can block these views via IP address and username.  No fake numbers from us!

What form of payment will you accept?

Paypal and credit card payments are available at the moment.  Non-paypal customers can pay via Paypal with a simple credit card type of transaction.  We prefer Paypal for their customer protection practices.  If you don’t have access to a credit card, please contact us to discuss mailing a payment.

Does TJF offer any type of money back guarantee or discount packages?

Due to our wide social reach, we do not offer money back guarantees for unsuccessful campaigns.  Once your campaign runs, tens of thousands (maybe more) of people will see it.  It’s your responsibility to create an appealing campaign that generates traffic for you.  If you need help with campaign creation or optimization, we have the resources for all your needs.

TJF will offer discount incentives for returning customers bases upon your campaign history with us.  Discounts up to 25% off future campaigns can be awarded to return customers and paying in advance will always save you some cheddar with us.

How can I upgrade or extend my current campaign?


If you notice better results from a campaign than you anticipated and would like to upgrade your current campaign, we completely understand.  If we don’t have a waiting list for promotional campaigns, you can extend your current package as far in advance as you’d like.  If there is a waiting list for ad space, you’ll have to wait until a campaign spot becomes available to run your campaign again.