GWAR gets animated at


GWAR gets animated and its everything you would want from a cartoon! I mean who doesn’t love a good cartoon? Whether you’re 1 or 101, cartoons are awesome, and if you like GWAR, you will be able to see them as a cartoon. Check it out, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this!

The first two minutes of the cartoon is funny as hell! It just keeps getting better as the show goes on.


For almost 30 years, GWAR has been shocking, rocking and rolling throughout the United States, stirring up controversy—and a rabid fan base—with horror-inspired stage shows that leave most audiences in desperate need of a shower. Now you can enjoy their cartoon exploits from the safety of your computer chair.

The band has developed a mythology that has taken them across the U.S., space and even hell to cause death and destruction, and they’ve found a new medium to massacre: animation. Debuting yesterday exclusively at, THE ANIMATED TALES OF GWAR sees most of the current active members reprising their roles in a Saturday-morning cartoon setting with premium cable content, as frontman Oderus Urungus finds himself stripped of his killer instinct and the rest of the band sets out to restore him to his former glory. Featuring undead dinosaurs, disembodied faces and the group’s signature rock ’n’ roll, THE ANIMATED TALES is a first for the band, while still filled with disgusting, gory fun. The easily offended may want to steer clear, but for fans of this terrifying troupe, this bloody bonanza is not to be missed. It is currently unknown if further episodes are in development, but if the post-credit stinger is any indication, one could safely bet we’ll be seeing more GWAR in cartoon form.