Sofa King Cool Online has come across a rare gem, Juggalos. In this article, they recap the video where Vulvatron gets a little taste of karma!

Round 1 – FIGHT!

GWAR, being known for their theatrical antics (and may I say – quite the show it is) has once again outdone themselves in this recent performance. A groupie gets picked up — and it turns out to be Vulvatron – the now ex-front woman of GWAR. Donning what looks to be a kilt and a beach-barbie blonde wig – Vuvlatron eventually whips out her …. demonic penis?

Vulvatron, if you recall family – had some not so friendly things to say about Juggalos recently. Looks like what goes around -comes around!



Round 2 – Fight!



Vulvatron releases statement to twitter in undeniable highschool come-back fashion – firing shots at the confidence Pustulus¬†Maximus has in his own masculinity, and possibly confirming the presence of male reproductive organs…. what next?!