Netflix Livin’ On Library Lack Of Money

Hackers Making Lifetime Subscriptions Happen Super Cheap



Hackers continue to make strides in brilliance and technique, as well as in new utilization of their skills. While the interwebs continue to gain perpetual momentum, this is becoming increasingly handy. From Exposing members of discrete websites that promise anonymity (Ashley Madison), to corrupting and taking down over 20,000 ISIS internet accounts, hackers have a way with making the impossible, possible. Kinda makes the safety of internet security not so trust worthy. This also makes hackers some of the most creative, influential and engaging sources of entertainment. Collectively – they’ve done it again.

When using the internet black market, users are able to make incredibly discounted purchases as well as gain access to items that are of a more obscure (and particularly illegal) nature. Digital access points which have been made available by – you guessed it – hackers, are on the rise. Life time subscriptions for apps and media outlets such as netflix (as well as many others up to and including music apps) are being sold for crazy prices – as low as $0.50! The market has become expansive enough that entities have begun to put up digital storefronts complete with departments and purchase guarantees!

The ‘safest’ and most frequently used service to find these sales is the underground network TOR. TOR is an ebay of sorts, which requires user to jump through hoops to protect the anonymity of everyone involved. The network has regulations to protect all – from the seller, to the network to the user him/herself. Using TOR can be incriminating in and of itself (considering the NSA has a list of users it watches due to suspicion garnered by TOR activities of these individuals). The ‘deep web’ is no place for kids or Johnny Dorights to be lurking around, candidly. From assassins, to drugs, weapons and now guaranteed lifetime access to Spotify for less than five bucks (as well as much more) the underground network is filled with illegal activity. Still, if you’re already a user of TOR or similar networks – or a hacker yourself – remember Christmas is coming and we need to renew our netflix soon (just kidding guys calm down!)


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