Terry Funk turns 71 today!

Terry Funk

One of my favorite wrestling icons has a birthday, the one and only Terry Funk! You may remember him as “Drunk stranglemaniaTerry Funk” on ICP‘s Stranglemania . I remember him as “The Hardcore Icon” and for his acting roles in  Sylvester Stallone‘s (a noted wrestling fan) movie Paradise Alley (1978). Funk then did double-duty as a pro wrestler and actor/stunt man (he was prominent in Patrick Swayze‘s movie, Road House. He is also cousin is Billy Bob Thorton.

How many times did they see Antonio Inoki stretching some dude on the front page compared to how many times they saw some idiot–me–bleeding a gusher with barbed wire wrapped around his throat? -Terry Funk

Funk was more known for his brawling tactics, and had some great feuds during his career with “HandsomeHarley Race, “Nature BoyRic Flair, “The American DreamDusty Rhodes and others.

Terry was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004 and is a WWE Hall of Famer. He has gone under various names throughout his illustrious 40 years: Terrible Terry Funk, Tuxedo Terry Funk, Doctor Knows It All and Chainsaw Charlie. Lives on the Double Cross Ranch in Canyon, Texas with his wife Vicki. Although retired he does accept the occasional booking.

Today Terry is a whopping 71 years old. I’d like to say that this man is one of the innovators of the hardcore match and no one can come close to selling a power-bomb landing in thumbtacks, while being hit with a barbwire wrapped baseball bat like the Legend Terry Funk. Thank you for all your years of entertainment and may this day be a blessing for you!