Happy Juggalo Day from all of us at TJF!!

Today is the day fam, it is officially Juggalo Day!! So happy fuckin’ Juggalo Day muhfakoos! Since 2012, February 17th has been declared Juggalo Day for all us ninjas and ninjettes all over the world. While each of us celebrate this important holiday in our own ways, there is still a huge celebration weekend following with tons of other unofficial Juggalo parties to attend. If you are in the Detroit area or have a way to get to the Murda Mitt we highly suggest hitting up the Juggalo Day Weekend festivities that will be taking place this Friday and Saturday February 19th and 20th.

Juggalo Day is all about celebrating what it means to be a Juggalo and all the shit we love most; rusty axes, voodoo, fat bitches named Bridgett, and a few sips of Faygo….kidding. But really fam, it should be about friendship and being proud of the close knit community we are all a part of. The beauty of being a Juggalo is that no matter who you are, where you are from, and what shit you have been through you know you have either the music turn to, friends that have your back or both. Some lyrics come to mind while writing this for all of you, and they are some of the realest. “No style, no friends, no place to go…till I went Juggalo”  I think that we can all relate to this in some form or another, and we here at True Juggalo Family wholeheartedly love all of you and want you have a magical day.

With all this being said, we hope all of you are going to be able to participate in all the Juggalo Weekend festivities that begin in a few days, if not we hope you have a kick ass Juggalo Day with all your family and friends! Also in honor of Juggalo Day, don’t forget that Psychopathic Records is offering us all some fresh flavor which you can check out HERE. Much love! 

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