Juggalo Day Freshness From Majik Ninja Entertainment

Happy Juggalo Day! Now you can’t say nobody remembered to give you a gift for Juggalo Day, the homies at Majik Ninja entertainment are at it again bringing you some new exclusive music. Head over to Juggaloday.com and get the links for 4 free downloads. “They Call That Gangsta” from the Zombie King himself Blaze Ya Dead Homie which can also be found on The Casket Factory, if you don’t have that yet what are you waiting for?! You will also find “Ninjas” from the Newest Member of MNE, Lex the Hex Master, which can also be found on his EP The Black season which which you can purchase at Twiztid-shop.com as well as at the Merch Booth on The Casket Factory Tour. Peep the dates and head out! Then we have “Triple Threat” with Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie fresh off Mutant (Remixed and Remastered) being released on 3-4-16, and it currently available on Twiztid shop for pre-order!

MNE Juggalo Day

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However, the big talk of these four tracks has to be a never before heard new single from The R.O.C. This is going to be the first introduction into what he has been working on. The song is called “The Chalmer”, it looks like it’s going to be something called Digital Voodoo. I know we’re all waiting in anticipation for this album since we have not heard new music from the R.O.C in quite some time.

So once again Majik Ninja doesn’t disappoint the fam giving us some dope ass music to bump to on this here Juggalo Day 2016. But if you did not get this sent directly to your phone why not sign up for the Majik Ninja Network to get exclusive updates?  Click here Sign up for Majik Ninja Network Here and follow the direction to sign up for exclusive MNE content!

Happy Juggalo Day fam Keep an eye out all weekend for TJF Staff will be taking over Juggalo Day weekend!

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