Kevin Gill Show

The Hardy Boyz on the Kevin Gill Show Live a Wrestlecon!

The Kevin Gill Show #89 is out and features an interview with Matt and Jeff Hardy of the Hardy Boyz in front of a live audience at Wrestlecon. This PMA power hour you hear the Hardy Boyz discuss their early days, WWE, influences, their journey from the backyard to WrestleMania, Total Nonstop Action, Hayabusa, influence of ECW, NXT, enhancement era, legacy of OMEGA, Highspots, Mick Foley, helping the next generation, TLC matches, NEW DAY, the importance of being a heel, working with family, super agent Shane Helms, Young Bucks, Positive Mental Attitude, Lucha Underground, being cyber bulled by Kevin Owens, social media, The Revival, and so much more with your host KG.  They even have a little advice for up and coming wrestlers.”Wrestle like it’s the last match of your life.”


This show was made possible by Marty DeRosa. Marty and KG will be hosting some Q&A’s at next years WrestlingCon.

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