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Hatchet Herald: Riddle Box Tour, Big Hoodoo, Into the Echoside, and The Gathering

The Hatchet Herald has dropped some dope news this morning straight from J-Webb.

He starts the Psychopathic publication off with a heart warming story about his dad attending a Riddle Box tour date. It’s best heard from the man himself.

So the Riddle Box Tour has been an amazing motherfucking success, with flying Faygo and Juggalo family love aplenty. Hell, I even got to join the tour for two shows, hosting the shows in Portland, OR—near where I grew up—and my old stomping ground of Seattle. Both shows were sold out and off the fucking chain. But the most special part of all was that I got to bring my father to the Portland show. This was a big deal because when I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to listen to rap, heavy metal, or anything that sounded “satanic.” So the fact that I grew up to work for the fucking Insane Clown Posse has always been a source of great humor between me and my old man. And a funny thing happened at the show—MY DAD HAD A GREAT TIME!! He had nothing but great things to say about the Juggalo family and how friendly they were and how they honored America’s veterans. My pops served in Vietnam and earned a Purple Heart when he was severely hurt in the line of fire. He always wears a Purple Heart veteran hat everywhere and a LOT of Juggalos just came up to him and shook his hand and simply said “Thank you for your service.” I’m telling you, Juggalos, it got both me and my old man right in the feels. I’m not sure my dad left the venue that night as a Juggalo…but he DEFINITELY loves and appreciates our family. What more could a son want?

You may have heard, but it’s been confirmed in this edition of the Hatchet Herald that ICP will be invading Canada after the final shows in Lansing. After 13 years the clowns are going to be back in Canada. Get your tickets and tour dates at PsychopathicRecords.com.

J-Webb also dropped the news that Big Hoodoo‘s new album Asylum is up for preorder on Hatchet Gear and will be sold at the Gathering and stores on July 22nd. It’s herald as a doper album than Crystal Skull. Check out the teaser below.

Asylum Teaser

Everyone is excited about the new deckbuilding game Into the Echoside. Jumpsteady really knows games and has outdone himself with securing Tom Woods as the card designer. This must have game will be available at the Gathering and there will even be a demonstration booth for ninjas to learn how the game is played. How dope is that!?

Into the Echoside Teaser

There was some stale ass news about the Gathering. Don’t worry it isn’t that bad! But the RV spots are sold out so no more RV passes are available. There is some car pass available still. But, if you watched the Juggalo Show the other night you will know that car passes may by be sold out soon too. Don’t worry about being able to attend though. There is always room for more ninjas. You just got to leave the RV at home and your ride in the parking lot. No one has ever been turned down for the Gathering.

The last bit of news from Psychopathic is quite fresh. Hallowicked tickets are going on sale next Friday, June 24th. The Gathering isn’t even here yet and you can have your tickets bought for the second most awesome Psychopathic event, Hallowicked. More news about that will be coming soon.

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