Hatchet Herald 5/28: New Psy Artist, Big Hoodoo, And More

Hatchet Herald

It’s that time once again, juggalos! Violent J has dropped a brand new Hatchet Herald, straight from the tour bus for the Riddle Box Tour. In this edition, he throws at us a ton of information regarding everything that’s been going down with the Hatchet. In case you missed it, this past week came the revealing of the official infomercial for Gathering 17. Within the infomercial came the news that there will be a brand new artist signed to Psychopathic Records! In fact, there is an EP coming from said artist that will be available at this year’s Gathering. That being said, the Duke Of The Wicked relays all of his excitement and pride about the new artist, letting the ninjas know that we are in for a seriously wicked treat!

Along with all of the exciting mystery surrounding this new Psychopathic artist, came some behind-the-scenes information about Big Hoodoo and his upcoming album release, Asylum. It is revealed that Hoodoo was all on his own in the writing and recording process for the album, which left Violent J pleasantly surprised when Hoodoo came to him with the completely finished product.

Finally, J of course includes all the love and appreciation that he has for us juggalos, while also providing a quick story about a VIP session from the Riddle Box Tour. To read this week’s entire Hatchet Herald, head on over to the official website.

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