Hatchet Herald From Violent J – The Story Of Blahzay Roze

Hatchet Herald

By now, we’ve all heard about the newest artist signed to Psychopathic Records, otherwise known as Blahzay Roze. The Fam’s reception of her has no doubt been highly skeptical, but let’s not forget that the one man who has more faith in her and her abilities than anyone else is the Duke Of The Wicked, Violent J. In fact, J is so confident in having brought on Blahzay that he has taken to the Hatchet Herald website. He has done so in order to air out any misconceptions or unjust accusations that have been hurled at the latest wielder on the hatchet. Seeing as most of us know nothing about the female emcee, today’s edition of HH will surely educate beyond what we could have imagined.

To read Violent J’s entire story of Blahzay Roze and how she came to run with the hatchet, head over to the official Hatchet Herald website and get in the know!

When you finish, be sure to snag Blahzay’s debut EP, Broken, off of Hatchetgear.

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