Hed PE track listHed PE Track List Released for Tenth Studio Album

Hed PE released a new track list with explanations for each track on their Facebook Page. Jahred of Hed PE posted that this is his tenth album (or record as he says) and how things have changed since his first album. He stated his vocals for his new album, which is in the process of being mixed, has that classic vocal sound you expect from Jahred. Check out his post and track list below!

Hed PE track list

well here it is, the new record ready to be mixed. (i still call them records) i’ve been in a vortex of creativity for the last 2 months and entering back into reality is unsettling. amazing that the entire record fits on a flash drive. 20 years ago, when my first record was sent to be mixed, they had to rent a uhaul to transport all the tapes from one studio to another. first record i got was The Jackson 5.

this is my tenth fucking record! it was pretty scary, considering i had been writing with Jackson for 10 years and 6 albums. he and i wrote some magikal pieces together. Writing with a new guy was a challenge, but i’m very happy with the result. As far as the vocals, i was able to be myself on this one. it reminds me of that classic hedpe sound vocal wise; meaning the blend between rock, rasta, punk and yes rap is all in balance. here is the final track listing, and a brief summary of the subject matter.


1. LIVE! (pronounced LIV. a song about the meaning of life) 2. PAYME (financial struggles) 3. CLOSER (a perspective on mortality and whats important) 4. HURT (the one you love. thin line between pain and pleasure) 5. ITS YOU (written 4 my wife) 6. WASTE (anti establishment hardcore punk track) 7. JAHKNOW (written 4 my son) 8. ONE (of a kind. written 4 the hedpe worldwide family) 9. THEHIYACROWN (a gateway drug) 10. SHADOWRIDGE (married people fuck too ya know…dirty, dirty) 11. TOGETHER (unite and show some love) 12. ALWAYS (we the people persevere always)

i know you guys are going to love this one. but i’ve said too much…

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