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Helldöradö signs with Mi5 Recordings


Hello True Juggalo Family!

Fellow HELLRAISERS, I am so proud to share the news that Spokane, Washington’s metal band, Helldöradö has signed with Mi5 Recordings! Congratulations Helldöradö!  Mi5 Recordings is a Universal Music Group distribution company by Ted Mason (formerly from British band Modern English) and producer Jerry Wonder.

I can’t wait to see what happens next for Helldöradö, as they are currently kickin’ so much ass! Keep up with these hometown heroes~ check out Helldöradö Official Site. Listen below to Nasty Habits, one of my personal favorite Helldöradö jams from their  full-length debut album, Alcohol Fueled Adrenaline.

Helldöradö is 5 bad ass members- Dust “Drill” Richardson – Lead Vocals, Tommy “Gunn” Scherer – Drums, Dave “Wave” Bridges-Bass, Gabe “The Kidd” Miller – Guitar, Sam “FNG” Perez– Rhythm Guitarist

Photo By: Helldöradö Official

Also, you can help Helldöradö at Helldöradö National Radio Campaign

Let’s get Helldöradö blasted on all the top radio stations! Donate and receive some cool merch and new CD!

So for all us HELLRAISERS, Cheers and Raise your ColdCock Whiskey Shot and Congratulate our Helldöradö brothers! Just goes to show that if you dream it, YOU CAN DO IT!

\m/ I ROCK, You ROCK, Together, WE ROCK! \m/

~ MzHollyw00d


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