Help this Juggalo find his hat!!!

Most of us have something that we hold value to more than what the eye can see. To some it might be a piece of jewlery like our Hatchetmen or a t-shirt that’s been to every show with you. I personally know what it feels like to loose something so special to the heart. It hurts even years and years later! This Juggalos hat has gone missing and we at True Juggalo Family feel we can try and help this situation with the help of all you fresh ass ninjas! It was last seen in Bizzaro World around 2 am on Friday night behind the roped off area. Let us put our Juggalo powers together and make this happen!

“Hey Juggalos. So I know this is minimal compared to losing/stolen keys or backpacks. I’m the one with the awesome hat in this picture. I’m one of the kids in Rift and we worked our dicks off all weekend throwing down fire shows every night for the fam. That hat was stolen from me and it meant more to me than anyone will ever know. When Rift started I had that hat. I got married in that hat. It’s a long shot. But if you have it or know who does please help a ninja out. To all Juggalos that know me and you see it on someone else fucking take it! Duce Whoops family.”- Keith Cannon, Juggalo, fire performer, missing hat guy.




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