Alright guys – we here at TrueJuggaloFamily all share with you in the deep, pure love that is Batman Fandom. Garry Garrison – you are the MAN. Not, the Batman, mind you (’cause I’m Batman Bitches!) But wow, did he blow our minds! They way he carefully pieced together the growth of Gotham and tied it all together in such a way that allows for the type of philosophical play we enjoy (once you watch it you’ll understand). He also put the video together very well and it is definitely an enjoyable watch.

Think you had it all figured out? Watch this.

Batman and Gotham Video Essay By Garry Garrison


Sitting in the odd space between – “Now it all makes sense!” and “Everything I’ve ever known was a lie!” ? Don’t worry, we sat stutter fucked for quite some time to. This guy really knows his stuff and the most we can say (besides – how amazing are you? Can you be our friend?) is that this video is absolutely worth your time, and will leave you chewing on brain candy – Batman flavored, to be exact – for a long time after it ends.

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