Honoring John Lennon: A Legend in History

John Lennon tragically got shot down outside his apartment 35 years ago today. October 8, 1980 saw the end of a talented and well loved artist. John Lennon is being celebrated and remembered by millions of fans on this day. He inspired more people than you can count. He is known the world over and contributed so much to the world. The mourning for this peaceful, talented man has not stopped. People still cry for the lost of such a great hero of the modern age.

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When John Lennon died it made the cover of Time magazine, “When the Music Died.” It is available to read online in the Time Vault. It’s amazing how the world was impacted by one man’s death. The article, “The Last Day in the life,” written at the time of his death really puts the event in perspective.

There are a myriad of videos on youtube chronicling and displaying the emotion of the sad day John Lennon was shot down so senselessly. Not to mention many more mourning his death. There are countless news stations reporting this death. There are also countless documentaries that don’t just cover his death, but his life and career also. His death was so tragic because he had touched so many peoples lives with his music and his influence.



Tonight at 9pm e.t. CNN is airing “Killing John Lennon” a special report that will talk about the life and death of John Lennon. The commercial for the show seems to be geared more towards Lennon’s killer who is still in jail to this day. There is a lot of conspiracy surrounding Lennon’s killer, but we don’t want to get into that right now. Read about the show tonight on CNN.

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You just can’t say enough to memorialize this man. Though it is tragic what happened we must remember him for who he was not what ended him. He was an amazing person who, though is no longer with us, still influences and inspires many people to this day. Thank you, John Lennon, for all you gave while you were with us.




Honoring John Lennon: His Music Lives On



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