Hopsin Breaks Down “Fly” for HardKnocksTv

Hopsin Breaks Down “Fly” for HardKnocksTvHopsin


1. Explains the inspiration behind his song “Fly”.
2. Says Fly was going to be Ill Mind 8 but he was tired of Ill Mind attachment. “I just want to make a great song that wasn’t Ill Mind.”
3. Thinks that corporations don’t really care about our health and well-being. All the care about is making money.
4. Questions societies standard for beauty. Says TV tries to show us “perfect” looking people that we cant live up to.
5. Wonders why we cant just accept people for who they are.
6. Says he dresses the way he does because he doesn’t “care to impress anybody.”
7. Admits that he wanted to be naked at the end of the Fly video but he didn’t want video to get taken down by You Tube.
8. Talks using Harmony Engine not Autotune at the end of Fly but he sees where people would make Kanye Autotune comparison.



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