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Hopsin has No Respect for Ghostwriting Unless You’re Dr. Dre

In an interview with Vlad TV, Hopsin speaks about his views on ghostwriting. He is a big fan of Drake, but has no respect for his use of a ghostwriter. He explains that hip hop is all about coming up with your own lyrics. If you were a talented singer that would be different. But then when asked about Royce Da 5’9″ writing “The Message” for Dr. Dre he says that Dr. Dre is bigger than Drake being a someone who discovered pretty much all of the L.A. rappers we know today. He states that Dr. Dre is someone he would like to meet one day and has much respect for. Pretty much because Dre is such a great producer he can get away with have ghostwriters. Even with his lack of respect for Drake as a lyrist he still jams out to his songs. It’s just a matter of principal which we know Hopsin sets a high bar. Watch Hopsin explain all this in the Vlad TV interview below.

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