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Hopsin Nervously Responds to Ruthless Disses on Vlad TV

Vlad TV brought up some hip hop diss quotes from an old Hopsin interview in this video interview.  He answers very nervously. He even states in response to DJ Vald saying 2Chains is a great lyrist that he “knows what he’s doing.” He explains that he has evolved as a rapper and doesn’t have the same attitude he had back when he make the statements about trap music and other types of hip hop. He’s become more accepting of other rappers since 2013 when these statements were made. Though, he still feels that trap music is more about the beats and not the lyrics. He will always stand by the idea that hip hop has deevolved. He even respondes to his old quote, “Trinidad James is the most garbage piece of rapper that has ever existed on the face of the Earth,” with a “Man, old Hopsin is crazy.” Watch Hopsin nervously respond to these old trap music disses.

Hopsin Interview with Vlad TV

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