Hopsin & Funk Volume issue the 500k Rap Battle Challenge!

500k Rap Battle ChallengeHOPSIN IS DOING WHAT!?

This week Hopsin spoke with Sway from MTV. Talking about a 3 on 3 label rap battle. It’ll be Hopsin, Dizzy Wright,  and Jarren Benton against ANY label. Hopsin is issuing  $ 500k Rap Battle challenge to any label who can beat him along with Funk Volume. Hop is sure him and his label will win. Especially since they will be dropping the $500k cash prize! During the interview they through out two big labels Shady and Strange Music. Hopsin quickly replied, “Anybody”.

Let’s do a rundown of some possibilities here:

Let’s start with Strange Music. This could certainly be an interesting one, and if it actually happened, would most likely be who would jump on it IMO. You could put pretty much anyone from Strange into this one. I would go with Tech, Krizz, and Rittz. My prediction on this bout….PAIN! Strange would kill it.

Next you got Shady Records. I gotta admit, I don’t know the full SR roster. However, with that being said, I would still go with Eminem, Yelawolf and Crooked I. Once again, I would predict that Shady Records take it.

I could do a whole rundown of tons of labels out there, which I’m not going to do. Simply going to put it out there that Funk Volume would give these two alone a run for the money in this 500k Rap Battle Challenge.

I believe this 500k Rap Battle Challenge is more of a stunt than anything. Which is apparently becoming the norm for Hopsin and the FV crew these days. Don’t get me wrong, they still bring it, I just think they would’ve had more luck calling someone out directly and not an open challenge.