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Hopsin has no Chance of being Signed to Strange Music

Tech N9ne sat down for a live stream with Hip Hop DX. In this interview, Tech N9ne explains why he would never sign Hopsin, Jarren Benton, or anyone from Funk Volume to Strange Music. Watching that drama unfold really turned him off from wanting to work with any of those rappers no matter how talented they may be. There was even talk of signing Jarren Benton, but that is a no go now. Watch the end of the interview below where Tech explains all this.

“It was sad that we had to see that happen to where it was publicly ‘fuck you, fuck you.’ I hate to see that with anybody, especially with good people. I know Hopsin’s a good dude. Dame [Ritter] is a really good guy, soft spoken. Dizzy [Wright] is the motherfucking shit. Jarren [Benton], we toured together. That’s our brother. SwizZz is the shit. It’s like, I hate to see all of them fall apart like that. I told my people at Strange, I was talking to Dave Weiner and they were interested in getting Jarren Benton. That’s our brother. I said, ‘I love Jarren, but I don’t want to get into that family bullshit. I don’t wanna get in the middle of their feud by saying ‘Come on over here with us,’ because the first thing said about Hopsin or the first thing said about Funk Volume is gonna be on me. I love them all equally so I don’t want nothing to do with any of that shit. If anybody got any questions on who I wanna sign, I don’t know. Maybe that’ll change one day—the Jarren thing. I don’t know. But the way I feel, and what I told Travis and Dave, I would hate to get in between that family feud by signing someone from over there, even though I know it would make so much sense to sign any of them motherfuckers. They’re all elite lyricists. But I don’t want that motherfucking headache. I wish them all luck and maybe it’ll change in the future. How I feel right now? I don’t feel like I wanna get into that shit.”

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