Hopsin funk volume and horseshoe Gang battle

Hopsin Pisses Off Horseshoe Gang Way After Battle

Just last year before the demise of Funk Volume the label was in a rap battle with Horseshoe Gang. The Funk Volume and Horseshoe Gang Battle may be over, but Hopsin stirred up some serious feelings with a picture he posted with a fan in a “Fuck Horseshoe Gang” shirt who was at a recent concert. This picture really pissed Crooked I the fuck off! Apparently the rapper threatened to show up at one of Hopsin’s concerts.

Hopsin was a bit scared at this threat as he doesn’t live the gang life. He wanted to take the picture down, but friends pointed out that that would just make him look like a bitch. In an effort to diffuse the situation he texted with Crooked I. He explained that it was not an intentional attack at the group, but something he just thought was funny. After all the rap battled ended a long time ago. There is no beef with the two rappers at this point just a really close call. In the end he still denies that Horseshoe Gang killed Funk Volume like they claim, though was very distraught at the situation. He said it just went too far for his comfort. Check out the video below of Hopsin explaining the whole post Funk Volume and Horseshoe Gang battle situation with VladTV.

VladTV: Hopsin Exclusive

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