hopsin radio interview funk volume demise and social media

Hopsin Radio Interview: Funk Volume Demise and Social Media

Hopsin sat down with Soundwaves Radio for an exclusive radio interview. The interview started out at the beginning, the beginning of Hopsin’s career that is. Hop got all his fans the good old internet spamming way. It was a slow start, but ended up growing his fan base exponentially before he even thought about forming Funk Volume. Speaking of which, Hopsin talked about the Funk Volume demise and recent release of Ill Mind of Hopsin 8. Hop compared his leaving Funk Volume to Straight Out of Compton stating he had a similar situation with Dame Ritter.

Now, that that’s all over he went on to talk about his new label Undercover Prodigy. Hop promised that his new label will be a repeat of Funk Volume but better. Furthermore, he is on the look out for more undercover prodigies to add to the new label. Give him six months and he’ll blow up any artist with his large fan base, a commodity in the music industry.

As for upcoming projects this year, Hopsin is only promising a single and music video on an approximately monthly basis waiting until 2017 to release a full length album. He’s riding out the rest of this year on a solo tour considering his lack of label mates. The Hop Solo Tour dates, locations, and tickets can be found on Hopsinofficial.com.

They ended the radio interview discussing social media. Hopsin made it abundantly clear that social media made him and if it were to disappear it might just break him. Hop proclaimed, “Social media changed my life. I love social media!” He went on to admit that he would be begging record labels to sign him if he woke up and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were gone. Check out the radio interview below Sag My Pants and Ill Mind of Hopsin 8 included.

Hopsin Exclusive Soundwaves Radio Interview

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