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Do you read who directs one of your favorite horror films?  Did you realize that some of the best horror films were directed by females?  Do you carry the stereotype that horror films are made more-so for men than women?  Well, a survey was taken and the results revealed that there are more female horror fans than males.  It would not be a surprise to see more females than males at a horror fan convention.

Since 1896 when filming began, women can be seen throughout the years in movies.  However, until fairly recent, women have migrated into the horror films as empowered and heroic females, and some have gone as far as directing the very best horror films of all times.

David Bronstein from Taste of Cinema wrote, “The 10 Best Horror Movies Directed By Women.”  Check out the list below.


10 – American Mary

Director(s): The Soska sisters, Sylvia and Jen.

Release date: January 11, 2013 in the United Kingdom

Summary: Mary Mason, played by Katharine Isabelle, is a medical student who needs money.  She’s lured to the underground society where she performs a “variety” of surgeries that twist her mind more than they do her clients, all for easy money.

 9 – Blood Diner

Director(s): Jackie Kong

Release date: July of 1987

Summary: Michael Tutman and George Tutman, played by Rick Burns and Carl Crew, are brothers who endorse in cannibalistic behavior for their rundown restaurant.  These two seek young female virgins to violate with their knives in order to prepare their new dish for customers.  Along with the new dish, the brothers need the virgins to use as a blood sacrifice to the five million year old, Egyptian Goddess, Shitaar, who currently resides in the restaurant’s kitchen.  In order to be awaked, the Goddess needs young virgin flesh to feast upon.

8 – In My Skin

Director(s): Marina de Van

Release date: December 4, 2002 in France

Summary: The original title of the movie was, “Dans ma peau.”  Marina de Van, the director, is also the main star, Esther.  During a freak accident, Esther comes to believe that she experiences pain differently than others.  This causes the movie to go dark with events by Esther that not every person in the audience would be able to stomach.  It’s a must-see film.

7 – Slumber Party Massacre

Director(s): Amy Jones

Release Date: November 12, 1982

Summary: The first of the sequel, Slumber Party Massacre is about the female basketball team having a slumber party at Trish’s house.  Trish is played by Michele Michaels.  Accidentally invited, a murder with a power drill shows up to make the girls’ night a little bit more exciting, and one the town will never forget.

 6 – Pet Sematary

Director(s): Mary Lambert

Release date: April 21, 1989

Summary: A family who lives in Maine, lives in front of a piece of land that has great power that is both good and terrible.  As tragedy strikes many times, the family discovers that the graveyard nearby brings the dead back to live.  However, with life comes consequences, especially for those that were once dead.

5 – Chained

Director(s): Jenneifer Lynch
Release date: July 18, 2013 in South Korea

Summary: Don’t get in the cab.  The driver, Bob, has plans for you that involve taking you to a destination you never thought you’d go to before.  Bob also has an accomplice named Tim, who has a life or death choice on his mind.  He can either follow in Bob’s footsteps or leave, as dangerous as that might be.  However, it will not be as easy as Tim may think.

4 – A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Director(s): Ana Lily Amirpour

Release date: April 20, 2015

Summary: In a near ghost-town city in Iran, a lonesome vampire stalks the townspeople.  The twist in the story, the vampire preys on only the vilest of citizens while doing good deeds for the rest of the town.  However, no one realizes that there’s a vampire around, only that the streets reek of death and loneliness.

3 – Near Dark

Director(s): Kathryn Bigelow

Release date: October 2, 1987

Summary: Ever been seduced by a lady?  How about bitten?  A farmer’s son meets a young female at a bar and they spend time together for the night.  However, he does not know she is a vampiress in a group of crazed vampires.  After having been bitten, the farmer’s son reluctantly leaves his family and home to join the coven.  However, he has a tough time surviving by his good morals.  Will he live?

2 – The Babadook

Director(s): Jennifer Kent

Release date: November 28, 2014

Summary: After the death of her husband, a single mother has a new battle to fight.  Her son has a deep fear for monsters, specifically the one he says is lurking in the house.  As much as she wishes her son was just imagining things, she cannot deny that there’s a monster a sinister presence within her home.  This is especially true when the monster is half hiding under her bed sheets, screaming “BABADOOK.”

1 – American Psycho

Director(s): Mary Harron

Release date: April 14, 2000

Summary: In the high and powerful business world of 1987, a wealthy New Yorker has a hidden alternate ego.  This bank executive is psychotic at the utmost meaning of the word as he goes around killing by night.  The character’s name is Patrick Bateman, and is played by Christian Bale who is known for the Batman movies.

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