Horror Movie Cliches That JUST Won’t Die!


Image Courtesy From Moviepilot.com

Horror movie cliches that directors just can’t seem to let die. These are all summed up into 5 cliches that we all expect to happen on Horror Movies.

1. Let’s investigate this all at night! 

Why is it that ALL horror movies take place at night? I mean seriously? Like the characters in the movie are all “What was that?” So of course they have to go and grab a shitty flashlight that either flickers, or is going dead. *Rolls eyes* Yea we know how it it goes…

2. Asking People you don’t know directions! 

Like seriously?! Especially when you are on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. So you pull over to a rundown gas station and ask the fishy looking store clerk who ends up being the killer! I mean really?! So you’re just going to just walk around the woods that you know NOTHING about! *sigh* Really people!!! Lol

3. No one will EVER LISTEN TO YOU!

Ok, now see ALL horror movies the last standing female or the last standing male who is CLEARLY dripping in blood or all cut up. They run over to a cop or contact the police department and either the cop doesn’t believe or ORRR put you in the back of the car just to take you back to the house of horrors.

4. My Light Won’t Work!!! 

Again this is what I was talking about in the beginning! Their light NEVER works or is a very shitty light. The light NEVER seems to work and its always the same thing in ALL horror movies! I mean *in Chandlers voice* can it BE anymore cliche? I mean how many movies does this NOT happen?! Maybe not ALL the movies, but majority of the movies there is something wrong with the lights. Either a flashlight, a lamp or the candle where a magical gust of wind comes and blows out the candle.

5. Constant Jump Scares! 

Ok, I get the jump scares, like I really do get them. But see here’s the thing, its not so much the character that makes me jump. It’s more like the damn random ass LOUD music that scares  me. If that wasn’t in the movies, I wouldn’t jump like I do when a loud random violin makes squeak noise! But I know that these are placed in movies to cause that scare factor.

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