While I don’t own Mortal Kombat X, that doesn’t stop us from finding the reviews you might need or want to read.  The horror movie DLC for Mortal Kombat X has been released, and includes Jason Voorhees!  The screenshot above shows what he looks like in the game.  Worthplaying.com is the source of this review.



If you want a comparison of his fighting style, think Kotal Khan. He can still move, but Jason is less nimble than the rest of the cast and less likely to dish out big, multi-hit combos. Like most big men, he’s more of a brawler, and his moves are designed to inflict more damage with fewer hits. Playing as Jason means you’ll constantly be on the offensive but will find more success on the ground than in the air, especially since his special moves are executed in close proximity to your enemy. Some of those moves come with temporary defensive buffs, so you’re meant to sustain some damage during your attacks as long as you don’t let things spiral out of control. This is especially true of a move that gives him some invulnerability at the expense of mobility and leaves him completely open to attack for a second.

Like all of the other fighters, Jason has three different variations, and the differences between them are rather pronounced. The Relentless variation is about mixing some deception into his brawling style. In addition to his basic set of special moves, Jason has one where he can walk away from an opponent in a shroud of mist before immediately appearing behind them. It is similar to Scorpion’s teleport move but doesn’t immediately end in an attack. Another move at his disposal starts with him cracking his neck and turning the screen red. During that short amount of time, the opponent’s controls are reversed, causing some panic against human opponents. The effect isn’t as pronounced when playing against the AI, though. His passive ability in this variation is his damage output, which increases when his health gets low.

Jason’s Slasher variation makes him play much differently, since he has a machete that affords him more distance when fighting opponents. For example, his ramming punch in other variations is replaced with a shoulder tackle here. The special moves he gains are all machete-related, whether it’s an instant three-hit slashing combo or a grab that starts with a neck stab and ends with a kick to the ground. He gains no buffs from this variation, making this the most stable version of the fighter when it comes to damage output and defense. He can hurl his machete at opponents, making this the only time he has a projectile attack.

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