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Horror Movies

Jonathan Barkan, from Bloody Disgusting, wrote, “Which Horror Movies Used To Scare You But No Longer Do?

Within his article, he mentions three movies that he loves but no longer scares him.  He still finds enjoyment within the films, but in another way than fear.  Those three movies are Event Horizon, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Evil Dead.

TJF‘s own Wilted wrote, “Movies That Made Us – Before They Made Classic.”  Make sure to check it out.


True Juggalo Family has decided to mention each writer’s favorite horror movie that once scared their childhood selves and is now not so terrifying.


Menace – The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys scared the crap outta me when I was a kid. That fucking dog was so cool-looking until he tried to eat the mom alive. Now it’s one of my favorite movies. I sit back and laugh at it now”

NaptownMike – Nightmare On Elm Street

“It used to terrify me when I was a kid. Now I watch it almost as a comedy. Freddy’s one-liners all have flawless timing.”


Wilted – Child’s Play

“Chucky toys were all the rage and now one was possessed by an evil spirit.  The doll’s owner and the people around Chucky were in trouble.  A trail of madness was created as Chucky left bodies in his wake.  I only hate the first Chucky movie.  I went on to thoroughly enjoy Bride of Chucky and The Seed of Chucky.  However, I still fucking hate the first one… stupid doll.”


Miss Juggalette – Mars Attacks

“I remember watching Mars Attacks and thinking, ‘holy shit! What if this ACTUALLY happens?! What if aliens are real and they come down to kill us all?’ Some say, ‘Oh they want to learn about us and know us!’ But yeah, I think they want to kill us and use our parts for their pleasure!  Mars Attacks was just…creepy. The aliens were creepy looking. They vaporized EVERYONE. Hell I am still somewhat scared of aliens. I don’t want to be abducted and then poked and prodded on. I don’t need that kind of shit in my life hahaha! I try and pretend it’s all fake, but my brother believes in aliens. So I have an ongoing joke about aliens and him. Hell I got weirded out with The Forth Kind bugs me. Them creepy aliens and the owls at the window when something bad happens. Yea I guess I’m a wuss when it comes to aliens.”


Lilly – Jaws

Jaws was the ultimate scary movie! It technically is a creature flick for the horror buffs out there. It was the one show that broke all logic; kids feared swimming pools and lake,s and some kids (such as my friend) were even scared of bathtubs.  It created a mass sport of killing great white sharks.  For me, I felt straight terror at seeing those big black eyes.  I didn’t like to swim in lakes and rivers for a while because all drains lead to the ocean.  To me, that meant that the ocean could also lead back to you.  I later learned in science that that wasn’t possible and grew to love sharks from the fear of I had as a 4-year-old child.”


MizzMonoxide – The Exorcist

“I wasn’t allowed to watch it; my mom forbid me.  Despite that, I defied her commands and stayed up late to watch it alone in the dark at like 8…  After that, I couldn’t even look at the steps to my room for like a week.  The movie never really stopped being scary to me, but that’s why I love it so much.  I finally overcame the experience emotionally  when I realized how lame the graphics actually were.”


ShadowRose – Pet Sematary

“I’ve always been a lover of animals.  The first time I watched Pet Sematary, I was really young; like 4.  I was watching it with my mom and she had fallen asleep in the middle of it.  Lets just say, I didn’t want to let go of any animals for a long time, and I was was afraid to go near any cemeteries.  Now, when I watch it, I still get some fear pumping through my veins.  However, I enjoy the feeling and watch the movie more eagerly each time.”

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