Horror – The Netflix List that will End Your Social Life

Occasionally, there are things we find (or that find us) that couldn’t be more perfect for the average Ninja (and Ninjette). Like article by , “Cult classic horror films on Netflix: From ‘American Mary’ to ‘White Zombie’ “, published by The Daily Dot. Upon inspection you’ll find a well written article packed with informational and entertaining, short and easy to read synopsis’. Also totally epic images(seriously, the always crazy-sexy Fairuza Balk in an epic doughnut hole moment) that seem to stand out in perfection are dropped carefully throughout the text.  The article lists a whole bunch of netflix available horror movies that have been around and will probably be around.

Each movie on the list has something to contribute to the wealth of cult-film knowledge many of us pride ourselves on. And, hell – if you’ve already seen it and know all the little fuck ups and trivia shit in the movie – bet you wanna watch it again! From retro to recent, a little bit of everything makes it into this article – Nosferatu all the way to 2010’s sensational ‘Rubber‘.

So whether you’re looking for a refresher course on your horror-movie-cology, a new string of vids to bleed your eyeballs out to for a marathon of binge-watching, netflix and chilling (hey, we couldn’t help ourselves with that one, okay?) or looking for some new gore to bust one out while sobbing to (definitely none of OUR business) we advice you hop on over to The Daily Dot to check the article out and say Thanks to the genius who put it together – Aja Romano, for taking the time to create such a beautiful thing, and to The Daily Dot for giving us something to fill our Friday nights (or Monday mornings) with. We salute to anyone who loves horror as much as we do, and for the mash up of incredible information in the article – there must be a whole lotta love (because how could I in good conscious pass up a chance to link to Led Zep?!).



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